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What a difference a weekend makes....especially here in SoCal. The road conditions were as enthusiast friendly as anyone could expect for the middle of 'winter'. up your didn't even hit 85 degrees!

When selecting photos, sharpness is key. If there are series of photos you are considering, go for the sharpest. When I am evaluating focus, I look at forks and grilles, gas cap bolts, helmet insignia and of course,your smiling mugs.

Exposure can easily be corrected. Every photo receives basic color and exposure balancing prior to approval/delivery, so do not let a bright/dark background/foreground be a primary factor when selecting photos.

If flash reflections, background riders/drivers or utility poles/lines are distracting, add Custom Shop to your order and the distractions will be eliminated.

Velo 02/16/2013

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Velo  02/16/2013

Auto und Moto

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Auto und Moto